Scenic River Cruises & Luxury Tours truly defines the word, all-inclusive. As curators of the Scenic Wonder style of river cruising, their goal is to inspire in that same sense of wonder. They proudly invite you to experience the all-inclusive luxury lifestyle of aboard a Scenic “ Spaceship”

From your transfers and tips; exclusive Enrich programs, FreeChoice and Tailormade excursions; to luxuriously appointed suites and amenities, you won’t have to worry about money at all. They have thought of everything, including your very own personal butler.

Scenic River Cruises “All Inclusive Luxury”

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Scenic River Cruises | Holland, France, Germany & More

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River Cruising—Cambodia to Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and beyond

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Scenic Jewels of Russia & More…

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Scenic River Cruises Jade
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State of the Art “Space-Ships”

Scenic River Cruise have redefined luxury river cruising redefined, with their fleet of technologically innovative Scenic Space-Ships. These gracious ships are a “floating world” of 5-star hotel luxury. Intimate and thoughtful, with every amenity one could wish or dream for—enjoy full access to a wellness area, complete with massage services, a hair salon and a gym; special on board entertainment and WiFi Internet; e-bikes for Tailormade excursions; and of course, luxuriously appointed suites and butler service. Every aspect of the Scenic’s ship design was considered at length, from the ensuite Scenic Sun Lounge that provides private all-weather sightseeing, to the recessed public Sun Deck that allows full enjoyment of the view, even when passing under low bridges.

The Scenic Difference!

Scenic River Cruises passion for quality travel is what sets Scenic above their competition. They have been handcrafting extraordinary experiences their guests, since 1986 and really shows in the quality of the river cruise experience.
They’ve introduced journeys of “Scenic Wonder” that cover every continent on Earth, travelling to over 60 countries across the globe. Every cruise is as unique as the guests, that sail with them. And it is this uniqueness the affords Scenic opportunity to raise the bar further, and exceed expectations. Offering the widest range of all-inclusive onboard amenities and services, and onshore excursions, allows them to tailor a vacation experience for the trip of a lifetime.