CroisiEurope has pioneered river cruising on the most beautiful rivers and waterways in Europe since 1976. Europe’s largest and most experienced river cruise line.

Their fleet of 45 company-owned ships and 5 chartered vessels, will take you to your choice of dazzling riverside cities in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Belgium — to the romantic Rhine Valley, the Rhône and Saône, the Seine, the beautiful blue Danube, the Douro Valley, Venice, and more — where you can explore and enjoy local food, wine, history, art and culture.

CroisiEurope | Europes Largest River Cruise Line


CroisiEurope the Heart of Europe

CroisiEurope on the Rhine


  • The Blue Danube to the Black Sea
  • Croatia and Serbia
  • Hungary and Serbia
  • The Blue Danube

The Elbe

  • The Elbe: Berlin cruises
  • The Elbe: Amsterdam to Berlin
  • The Elbe: Berlin to Prague and reverse

Rhine, Main, Moselle

  • Germany, Neckar, Saar & Baltic Sea
  • Romantic Rhine
  • Holland and Belgium

CroisiEurope | France

CroisiEurope France
  • Loire Cruises
  • Paris and Normandy on the Seine
  • Southern France and Provence on the Rhône and Saône
  • Bordeaux region and Dordogne on the Garonne and Gironde

CroisiEurope | Portugal, Spain & Italy

CroisiEurope Portugal
  • Douro Cruises
  • Guadalquivir and Guadiana Cruises
  • Naples and Amalfi Coast Cruises
  • Venice and the Po Cruises

CroisiEurope | Asia, Russia & Africa

Croisieurope Other Cruises
  • Imperial Russia on the Volga
  • Vietnam & Cambodia on the Mekong
  • Southern Africa

CroisiEurope | Barge & Coastal Cruises

CroisiEurope Barge and Coastal
  • Canals of France
  • Croatia and Montenegro
  • Naples and Amalfi Coast Cruises

CroisiEurope | Theme Cruises

  • Hiking Cruises
  • Gourmet Cruises
  • Festive Cruises on the Rhine River
  • World War One Commemorative Cruises
  • Wine Lovers Cruises
  • Christmas Market Cruises
  • Christmas Cruises
  • New Year Cruises
  • Cruise & Bike
  • Family Clubs
CroisiEurope River Cruises
CroisiEurope Stateroom

A Floating French Resturant

CroisiEurope’s river boats are spacious, and welcoming. Passenger capacity will vary from 100 to 180 people, depending on which cruise you are on. On board, you will find all of the amenities and comforts which distinguish CroisiEurope’s fleet, and the outstanding and friendly service which is the trademark of staff and crew.

A trademark of CroisiEurope is the cuisine. On board, you experience some of the best of French and European cuisine Europe has to offer.

Beginning with an impressive buffet breakfast, CroisiEurope chefs on prepare succulent 3-course meals for lunch and dinner, which are served in the onboard restaurant. Mid-day and evening meals are paired with excellent and carefully chosen wines, and the service at is five star.

Value for Money

CroisiEurope takes you away for so much less, but they still include it all.

Being an independent, family-owned business, allows CroisiEurope the ability to manage costs efficiently, and give you the best value for your money. The family takes care of everything in the fleet from beginning to end; from the design and building of the ship, to creating cruise itineraries, sales and marketing management, fleet maintenance, purchasing and training.

They spend also their money wisely – and yours – on the things that matter most: Top notch experienced and friendly staff and crew, immaculate and welcoming cabins and beds, reliable and safe ships, excellent food, incredible itineraries, and a delightful